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Isn’t It Time for Mitt Romney to Come Clean?

Did Mitt Romney pay 10% in taxes? 5%? Zero? We don’t know. But we do know that Romney personally approved over $70 million in fictional losses to the IRS as part of the notorious Son of Boss tax scandal. One of the largest tax avoidance schemes in history. Isn’t it time for Romney to come clean? […]

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President Obama’s Tax Cuts for the Middle Class

Unless the House of Representatives takes action before January 1, 2013, taxes will go up on 114 million middle-class families. Nearly everyone in Washington agrees that’s a bad idea. That’s why President Obama is calling for — and the Senate has already passed—  legislation that will keep the middle class from paying thousands of extra dollars next year. […]

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President Obama: “Forward, not backward”

“[T]he stakes are big in this election on every issue. On homeownership, my opponent says, let’s just let foreclosures bottom out. That’s his answer. What I’ve said is, let’s let every homeowner refinance at historically low rates, save you $3,000 that you can then spend to restore equity in your home or help your kids […]

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It Must Be Summer! Congressman Steve Pearce is on Vacation Again

Once again southern New Mexico’s Congressman, Steve Pearce (R-CD2) is on vacation. After working a mere three days this month, Steve Pearce and his fellow Republicans in the House of Representatives have begun yet another five week vacation. Instead of working to bring jobs to his constituents or working to extend the tax cuts for the middle […]

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