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Women Are Worried: Mitt Romney’s Attacks on Women’s Health

American women are worried about Mitt Romney’s attacks on women’s health. Why? Mitt Romney has said he will “get rid of” federal funding for Planned Parenthood. When he was pressed on where women should go for the important medical services Planned Parenthood provides — like cervical cancer screenings and breast exams — he was dismissive, […]

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Senator Tom Udall to Co-Host the 57th Annual New Mexico Water Conference in Las Cruces

U.S. Senator Tom Udall announced today that he will co-host the 57th Annual New Mexico Water Conference on Tuesday, August 28 in Las Cruces. The daylong event, also co-hosted by New Mexico State University President Barbara Couture, will take place at the Corbett Center on the NMSU campus. The conference is put on by the […]

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President Obama and Sandra Fluke Speak Out for Women’s Health

President Obama held a grassroots event in Denver, Colorado yesterday, with Sandra Fluke at his side. Fluke, is a Georgetown University student who was verbally attacked by radical right-wing media personalities like Rush Limbaugh and other Republican extremists for speaking out for women’s health. Fluke  joined the President in Denver, where they highlighted how health […]

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President Obama Fighting for Small Businesses

President Obama held a town hall in Cincinnati, Ohio where he discussed the choice in this election between two fundamentally different visions of how to grow the economy, create middle-class jobs and pay down the debt. The President also shared his vision for helping small businesses like Tony White’s—owner of a beauty salon and barbershop. […]

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Elizabeth Banks on Planned Parenthood, Women’s Health, and Women’s Rights

Elizabeth Banks shares why women’s health security is important and how Planned Parenthood helped her after college. She shares the difference between President Obama’s continuing support for women and Mitt Romney’s plan to compromise women’s rights. As Elizabeth shares, “Planned Parenthood is something I care very deeply about. Planned Parenthood was my healthcare provider when I […]

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Mitt Romney’s Tax Plan

Share this if you don’t want to pay for millionaire’s tax breaks. Then check out the tax calculator to see how much more in taxes you would pay under Mitt Romney.

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