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47 Years of the Voting Rights Act

47 years ago, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act, outlawing the discriminatory practices that had led to the widespread disenfranchisement of African Americans. Mark this anniversary by registering to vote—and making sure your friends and family are registered too.

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The New Tax Calculator: President Obama’s Plan vs. Mitt Romney’s

People were asked to use the new tax calculator to compare President Obama’s tax plan to Mitt Romney’s. This is what they found out. Try it out for yourself. Then watch and  share today’s video.

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Women Speak Out Against Mitt Romney’s Extreme Agenda

Mitt Romney’s has shown he is totally out of touch with the average woman’s health issues. In fact, we haven’t heard anyone as extreme as Romney in more than half a century. The Republican candidate has promised to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood and limit access to contraception. Those aren’t mainstream values most Americans share. […]

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Annie Burkey on Obamacare: “I have a second chance at life.”

Annie Burkey survived an extremely rare form of cancer and without Obamacare she runs the risk of not being covered in the future due to her pre-existing conditions. Now with a second chance at life; she’s taking nothing for granted. After hearing President Obama speak on Planned Parenthood she started volunteering in Colorado. Now she’s […]

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Heather Wilson Wants to Continue Her Record of Putting the Wealthy and Special Interests First

During her 10 years in Congress, Republican Senate candidate Heather Wilson established a long record of putting the rich and special interests ahead of New Mexico’s middle class.  Now, Wilson refuses to support middle class tax cuts unless the wealthiest 2 percent get tax cuts, too. “Instead of fighting for the majority of hard-working New […]

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Faces of Change: “Our Jobs Come from the Wind.”

President Obama’s all-of-the-above energy strategy is making America more energy independent by reducing our dependence on foreign oil and investing in renewable energy. President Obama’s policies have benefited small businesses like Heron Wind Manufacturing. Steve Smiley, president and CEO of Heron Wind, wants to do good work that improves society. Wind-generated electricity has doubled since […]

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