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Weekly Address: Celebrating the Summer Olympics and Paralympics

President Obama congratulates all of the American athletes competing in the Olympics and Paralympics this summer. These men and women have inspired us all with their hard work, determination, and their indomitable spirit as they present the best of America to the rest of the world. The President tells our Olympic and Paralympic competitors that the American […]

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Saturday Snapshot: Mitt Romney Tax Hike Day

A look at some of the headlines following yesterday’s blockbuster report on Mitt Romney’s tax plan: “Romney tax plan helps rich, hurts middle class: study“ “Romney’s regressive tax plan; Romney’s tax plan takes from the middle to give to the rich“ “Surprise! Romney tax plan favors the rich.” “Mitt Romney’s tax plan: Cuts for millionaires and a hike for just about everyone […]

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“Upside-down Economics”

Earlier this week, Republicans in the House voted against President Obama’s proposal to extend tax cuts for middle-class Americans. This morning, President Obama spoke from the White House about what the vote—and their proposals—say about their priorities: “When families have the security of knowing that their taxes won’t go up they’re more likely to spend, […]

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