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Why We Need Tax Cuts for the Middle Class, Not Millionaires

A new report from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center found that Mitt Romney’s plan to cut taxes for the wealthy will inevitably shift the tax burden to middle-class families. Watch President Obama lay out the stark contrast between Romney’s plan and his own plan to strengthen economic security for the middle class, and then share this video […]

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Romney’s Plan to Raise Your Taxes

When it comes to middle-class taxes, we knew Mitt Romney’s plan was bad. But now, according to a report from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, backed by a report in The Wall Street Journal, we know just how bad it is: If Romney wants to pay for his budget-busting $5 trillion tax cuts for millionaires […]

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Did You See: “Romney’s tax plan hits middle class”

Middle-class Americans are beginning to learn what Mitt Romney’s tax plan would mean for them. The Wall Street Journal reports: “A new study released Wednesday suggests that Mitt Romney’s tax plan would benefit the rich and hurt the poor and middle class, no matter how current blanks in the plan are filled in. “Mr. Romney’s ambitious plan would extend […]

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Welcome Back Mitt

After earning the moniker “Mitt the Twit” from the British press, Mitt Romney touches down, back in the U.S.A. See the local news coverage welcoming Romney back from his gaffe-ridden overseas trip. Watch and share today’s video.

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Getting the Most Care Out of Your Insurance Dollars

This summer, Americans across the country are receiving a new set of benefits from the Affordable Care Act. One of the biggest changes has to do with your health care premiums. Because of the new health care law, insurance providers are now required to devote at least 80 percent of the premiums you pay to […]

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