Archive | June 27, 2012

Romney’s Record on Outsourcing is Revealed

Mitt Romney has a record of helping companies ship U.S. jobs overseas. Take a look at why Americans are concerned about putting an outsourcer-in-chief in the White House. The Washington Post has revealed that Romney’s companies were pioneers in shipping US jobs overseas. Investing in firms that “specialized in relocating jobs done by American workers to new […]

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Karl Rove’s Super PAC Ad Distorts Health Care Law

Karl Rove’s conservative super PAC, Crossroads Generation, released an ad attacking President Obama’s health care reform law. Its fast-talking narrator tries to mislead young Americans by making several false claims about the law and how it helps them access affordable, quality health insurance. Here are the facts about what health reform does for young people […]

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Religious Leaders Support President Obama’s Stance on Immigration Reform

From Pope Benedict to prominent Protestant pastors, clergy from a variety of faiths are raising their voices on behalf of immigrants and the need to fix the broken system.President Obama has consistently and forcefully called for a comprehensive solution to the immigration challenges we face. In an historic move demonstrating his Administration’s commitment to addressing the broken immigration […]

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