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Romney Economics: Outsourcing Jobs

Running for Governor, Mitt Romney campaigned as a job creator. “I know how jobs are created.” But as a corporate raider he shipped jobs to China and Mexico. As Governor, he did the same thing. Outsourcing state jobs to India. Now, he’s making the exact same pitch. “I know why jobs come and why they […]

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Affordable Care Act Helps Improve Access to High Quality, Coordinated Care

Yesterday, the Department of Heath and Human Services announced that 219 community health centers received another $128.6 million to help them expand their reach, supporting approximately 5,460 jobs and serve 1.25 million additional patients. Today’s announcement is one in a series of efforts to make our community health centers stronger. Since the passage of the Affordable […]

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Another Step Forward Toward Energy Security

Today, the Obama administration is offering 39 million acres of the most oil- and gas-rich area of the Gulf of Mexico in order to increase the exploration and production of America’s domestic energy resources. This is a landmark sale – we estimate that up to 1.6 billion barrels of oil and 6.6 trillion cubic feet […]

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“Romney is Wrong on What Drives a Recovery”

Writing in The Detroit News yesterday, former Clinton administration official J. Bradford DeLong set the record straight about Mitt Romney’s plan for the economy. He stressed that President Obama is the only candidate with an effective plan to keep the recovery going: “Our economy faces two urgent needs: jump-starting growth and job creation now, and boosting the U.S. […]

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