Archive | June 14, 2012

Today is Flag Day

Today, June 14 marks Flag Day, the day in 1777 the Continental Congress adopted the first U.S. flag. President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Flag Day a day of national celebration in 1916, and President Harry Truman formally established its annual observance in 1949. The first flag, which tradition says was sewn by a Philadelphia woman named […]

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Teachers, Firefighters, and Police Matter

Last week on the campaign trail, Mitt Romney introduced a plan to cut back on teachers, firefighters, and police officers and mocked President Obama for trying to put public workers back on the job. Now, teachers, firefighters, and police officers are speaking out and standing up to Romney. So are those who have benefited from […]

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We Can’t Wait: Making Broadband Construction Cheaper and Faster

Today President Obama will sign an Executive Order to make broadband construction along Federal roadways and properties up to 90 percent cheaper and more efficient. Currently, the procedures for approving broadband infrastructure projects on properties controlled or managed by the Federal Government—including large tracts of land, roadways, and more than 10,000 buildings across the Nation—vary […]

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