Archive | June 12, 2012

Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts Plan to Cut Jobs for Firefighters, Teachers, and Cops

While President Obama has a plan to create 1 million jobs, Mitt Romney is proposing cutbacks of jobs for police officers, firefighters, and teachers—the same plan he enforced in Massachusetts. Watch Bay State officials who served during Gov. Romney’s tenure explain how Romney’s cutbacks didn’t work for communities then, and how they won’t work now.

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New Guide Highlights Best Practices and Innovations in Helping Veterans Thrive in the Private Sector

Last November, more than 30 organizations, including businesses, government agencies, think tanks and veteran advocates, joined forces in New York City for a “best practices” summit on veteran employment. Keynote speakers included Richard D. Parsons, now former chairman of the board of Citigroup, and Mrs. Patricia Shinseki – two of the Joining Forces three-member advisory […]

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Day 427 and Counting: Heather Wilson Refuses to Stand Up to GOP Attacks on Medicare

It’s been 427 days since U.S. Senate candidate Heather Wilson refused to take a position on the Republicans’ budget, her party’s top priority. New Mexicans want to know: why won’t you stand up to your party’s attacks on Medicare, Congresswoman Wilson? Republican House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan introduced his party’s budget proposal on April […]

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