Archive | May 30, 2012

Mitt Romney: Little to Like

When it comes to Mitt Romney, there’s little to like. Romney’s career has been a timeline of failure and bad leadership, from his time as a corporate raider shutting down businesses and outsourcing American jobs, to his abysmal economic record in Massachusetts, to his appearance yesterday with his ally Donald Trump. Really, Donald Trump? When […]

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Romney’s Day in Two Words: Total Disaster

Mitt Romney clinched the Republican nomination for president of the United States last night. Today should be a day of celebration for someone who’s been running for president for six years. But thanks to Donald Trump and the good people of Craig, Colorado, it’s been instead a complete disaster. Romney spent the night in Las […]

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President Obama Awards the Medal of Freedom

Today, President Obama honored 13 Americans with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This year’s recipients include cultural icons like Bob Dylan and Toni Morrison, as well as groundbreaking pioneers like former Secretary of State Madeline Albright and Pat Summit, the winningest basketball coach in NCAA history. Also honored were Dolores Huerta, who cofounded the United […]

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