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Taxes, Spending, Deficits Lower Under President Obama

Today’s graphic: Federal spending, taxes and deficits are all lower today than when President Obama took office. (Sources: Congressional Budget Office. Graphic: Center for American Progress).

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Did you see: Romney economics around the country

In state after state, local newspapers are highlighting the impact Romney economics has had on their communities. Florida, Nevada, and Iowa are just a few of the states with a direct connection to Mitt Romney’s history as a corporate buyout specialist: Miami, Florida The case of Dade Behring in Miami, where some 850 jobs were […]

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The Dreams of Our Daughters

Erin, a mother of two young girls, thanks President Obama for standing up for women’s health—and explains why, this November, “the dreams of all our daughters are at stake, and they’re counting on us to fight for them.” Hear why protecting a woman’s right to choose is so important to Erin and her family—then, let us […]

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Romney Has Zero Credibility on Debt

Mitt Romney delivered his umpteenth “major” economic speech today, and this time, his focus is on spending and debt. But take his rhetoric with a large grain of salt, because Romney’s proved at each point in his career—from corporate buyout specialist to failed governor of Massachusetts to perpetual presidential candidate—that he is the last person […]

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By the Numbers: 2 Million

Nearly 2 million companies that make new hires or increase wages would receive a tax credit under the small business hiring income tax credit President Obama is calling on Congress to pass. The tax credit, the third item on President Obama’s job-creating To-Do List for Congress, would encourage more than $200 billion in new hiring and pay raises by […]

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