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Recognizing the Contributions of Military Spouses

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Military spouses have given this nation so much. Now it’s our turn to give back. We want this country to recognize, honor and support our military families – and not just through words, but through meaningful action. Today, we honor and show our military spouses our appreciation. But our military spouses have […]

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Guaranteeing Value for Your Premium Dollars

When we pay for health insurance, we want to know that most of what we are paying for is for health care, not advertising, executive bonuses or overhead. It’s pretty simple: we want to get a good value for our premium dollars. Thanks to a new rule (the “80/20 rule”) in the Affordable Care Act, you […]

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May 11: News Roundup

Justice Department sues Arizona Sheriff Arpaio over violation of rights. There’s more at the Washington Post. Ten most disturbing allegations in the DOJ suit against Arpaio. There’s more at ThinkProgress. House Republicans vote for draconian cuts, passage unlikely in the U.S. Senate. There’s more at the New York Times. Mitt Romney’s prep school classmates recall […]

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Making Regulation Smarter to Save Lives and Money

Smart regulations save lives and dollars. For example, the number of deaths on the highways is now down to its lowest level in over 60 years. This is an extraordinary achievement, produced not only by the commitment and creativity of the private sector but also by educational and regulatory initiatives from local, state, and national […]

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