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A Historic Moment

“It is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.” – President Barack Obama, May 9, 2012 Today, in an interview with ABC News, President Obama said, “I think same sex couples should be able to get married.” With that one statement, he made it clear […]

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President Obama’s To-Do List for Congress: Reward American Jobs, Not Outsourcing

Yesterday, Republicans in Congress voted to block President Obama’s proposal to keep student loan interest rates from doubling. If Congress doesn’t act by July 1, more than 7 million students around the country will rack up an average of $1,000 of extra debt. The President has visited colleges in Iowa, Colorado, and North Carolina to speak with students about this important […]

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Romney vs. Reality: Auto Recovery Edition

  Once again, Mitt Romney continues to distort reality in this edition of Mitt Romney versus Reality. In this etch-a-sketch moment, Romney is somehow claiming credit for saving the American automobile industry that he advocated letting go bankrupt. Watch and share today’s video.

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Romney Decided to be the Most Extreme Candidate on Immigration

The Republican National Committee’s Hispanic outreach coordinator said yesterday that Mitt Romney is “still deciding” what his position on immigration is. That’s odd—we’re quite sure Romney’s made his position on immigration crystal clear over the past several months, proving many times over that when it comes to immigration policy, he’s the most extreme candidate in […]

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Republicans Vote to Block Student Loan Bill

Yesterday, Senate Republicans blocked legislation that would have prevented interest rates on student loans from doubling at the end of June. In a statement to reporters, Press Secretary Jay Carney expressed his dissatisfaction with the vote: “It is extremely disappointing that Republicans in the Senate today voted to ask millions of students to pay an average of […]

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