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Did you see: “Obama Sets Gas Prices? Just Another G.O.P. Myth”

The New York Times debunked the “widespread misunderstanding” that President Obama controls gas prices—and laid out the progress America is making to build a secure energy future: “Because oil is a global commodity, increasing domestic production will do very little to bring down retail prices, although it does help narrow the trade deficit as America spends […]

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National Day of Honor

President Obama has proclaimed today, March 19, a National Day of Honor to mark the nine-year anniversary of our troops entering Iraq and recognize the sacrifices of all who served. “Nine years ago, members of the United States Armed Forces crossed the sands of the Iraq-Kuwait border and began one of the most challenging missions our military […]

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By the Numbers: $4200

The average senior on Medicare will save $4,200 on their health care by 2021 because of the Affordable Care Act. President Obama’s health reform law strengthens Medicare for seniors in a few ways.  It gives them access to preventive services, such as mammograms and colonoscopies, with no co-pay or deductibles, as well as a free […]

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Breaking It Down: The Health Care Law and Seniors

The President’s health law gives hard working, middle-class families the security they deserve. The Affordable Care Act forces insurance companies to play by the rules, prohibiting them from dropping your coverage if you get sick, billing you into bankruptcy through annual or lifetime limits, and, soon, discriminating against anyone with a pre-existing condition. For seniors, the […]

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Paul Martinez Announces for Magistrate Judge

In a letter to Doña Ana County Democrats and other supporters longtime civil rights advocate Paul A. “Pablo” Martinez formally announced his candidacy for Doña Ana County Magistrate Judge today. In his  announcement Martinez outlined his strong background in criminal justice and community service along with civil rights. Martinez, has a professional legal training and educational […]

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March 19: News Roundup

Paul Ryan and the Republican Congressional leadership prepare to launch fresh assault on Medicare. There’s more at the Los Angeles Times. Susana Martinez and New Mexico Tourist Board: Only light-skinned persons need apply. There’s more at the Santa Fe New Mexican. Rush Limbaugh’s antics taking a toll in talk radio. There’s more at the Washington […]

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Mitt Romney Profits From China’s Surveillance of its Own Citizens

On the campaign trail, Mitt Romney rails against China’s trade policies and its record on human rights, and he promises that as president, he would take a hard line against the Chinese government. But his actions—and his investments—tell a very different story. The New York Times is reporting that Romney has financial holdings in a company that […]

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