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Mitt Romney’s Not-So-Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday didn’t give Mitt Romney the momentum he had hoped, but it did give him an onslaught of commentary about his weak performance in the death march to secure the Republican nomination. While Republican voters continue to be unenthusiastic about a weak Republican field, Romney has still failed to build a strong enough coalition […]

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President Obama Announces New Steps to Help Homeowners

President Obama announced a series of steps today to provide housing relief to our servicemembers and veterans. The administration will also cut refinancing fees for borrowers of FHA-provided loans—a program that could help 2-3 million families save about $1,000 per year. At a White House press conference, the President said: “If you are a member of the […]

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March 7: News Roundup

Republican presidential nomination contest grinds on as Santorum and Romney deadlock costs in Tuesday results. There’s more at the New York Times. GOP voters sour on the ongoing primary campaign. There’s more at the Washington Post. President Obama knocks Republicans for reckless bombast and casual attitudes toward the costs of war. There’s more at The […]

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