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Dõna Ana County Democrats Commemorate the Life and Legacy of César Chávez

Today, March 31, the Democratic Party of Dõna Ana County commemorates the life and legacy of César Chávez and his enduring vision of human rights and dignity for all. In these difficult times we stand by César Chávez’s commitment to unity and strength. We always will. “From the depth of need and despair, people can […]

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Weekly Address: “Passing the Buffett Rule So That Everyone Pays Their Fair Share”

President Obama calls on Congress to pass the Buffett Rule, a principle that ensures that millionaires and billionaires do not pay less in taxes as a share of their income than middle class families pay — as a matter of fairness. Watch and share today’s address.

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Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney: Joining Together to End Medicare

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are a perfect match. Romney and Ryan share a clear vision for the future – ending Medicare as we know it so that millionaires and billionaires can get a tax cut, and paying for it with deep budget cuts that cost jobs and hurt average Americans, especially seniors, veterans, and children. […]

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President Obama Keeping His Promises: Manufacturing Jobs

“To those who think that the decline of American manufacturing is inevitable or that manufacturing has no place in the 21st century economy, we way say right here and right now that the fight for manufacturing’s future is the fight for America’s future.” —Barack Obama, April 14th, 2008 Four years ago, President Obama promised to […]

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Making Prescription Drugs Affordable for Seniors

David Lutz is a community pharmacist from Hummelstown, PA, and the story he tells of his customers not being able to afford their prescription medications has unfortunately been too common in communities across the nation. But the Affordable Care Act is already helping turn their difficult situation around. For years, David says, many of his […]

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Tackling Gender Discrimination, State by State

Insurance companies can charge a woman up to double what a man pays for the same policy—an unfair practice that the Affordable Care Act will end by 2014. Take a look at this chart showing how gender discrimination affects women in your state and the impact the Affordable Care Act will have across the country. […]

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Building the Workforce of the Future at Community Colleges

Dr. Jill Biden was at the Mercer County Community College in New Jersey this morning, the latest stop in her “Community College to Career” tour. Last month, Dr. Biden and Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis hit the road for a bus tour through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia where they visited community colleges that have formed innovative partnerships with local […]

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Romney and Rubio: threats to comprehensive immigration reform

Mitt Romney has been called the most extreme GOP candidate when it comes to immigration – he’s said if elected he would veto the DREAM Act, a piece of legislation that gives opportunities to college-aged kids, or those serving in the military, who came to the United States through no fault of their own. Even The […]

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Steve Pearce and House Republicans Can Run But Can’t Hide from Trying to End Medicare

Editorial Boards across the country are opposing the House Republican budget, backed by Congressman Steve Pearce, GOP Budget Chair Paul Ryan and Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney, that again ends Medicare while protecting tax breaks for Big Oil, companies that ship American jobs overseas, and billionaires. Take a look for yourself. Ryan Budget Proposal: Without Revenue, […]

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Southern NM Veterans’ Organ Mountains Tour Highlights Importance of Protecting Public Lands

Vets Discuss Value of Lands for Those Who Fought for America On a tour of various landmarks in the Organ Mountains – Desert Peaks region on Wednesday, Southern New Mexico veterans from every branch of the military discussed their strong shared support for protecting rich public lands within the Organ Mountains and Desert Peaks region […]

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