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Just How Out of Touch is Romney?

NASCAR team–owning friends. “A couple” of Cadillacs. A sincere belief that “corporations are people.” Romney’s memorably put his foot in his mouth many times over the course of his campaign, but the reality is these aren’t gaffes. They’re moments that show who Romney truly is: a candidate who simply cannot relate to the lives of […]

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Making Medicare Stronger

Over the past few years, health care cost increases have been slowing – both for Medicare and private health care. And both CBO and Medicare estimate that cost increases are slowing. Despite these encouraging trends, there is much more we need to do – both to reduce costs and strengthen the Medicare program for future […]

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President Obama: “What is it about working men and women they find so offensive?”

President Barack Obama delivered a speech to a conference of auto workers on Tuesday, reminding them that he took the chance and gambled on the American auto industry. “I placed my bet on American workers.” the President said, “I know our bet was a good one because I’ve seen the payoff first hand.” The U.S. […]

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Did You See: “Detroit automakers race to keep up with sales”

As auto industry sales continue to grow, Detroit automakers are keeping up as quickly as they can. According to yesterday’s Associated Press report: “Three years after the U.S. auto industry nearly collapsed, sales of cars and trucks are surging. Sales could exceed 14 million this year, above last year’s 12.8 million. “The result: Carmakers are adding shifts […]

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Building a 21st Century Government by Cutting Waste

This morning the Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a progress report on the work Congress and the Administration have done over the last year to tackle duplication and fragmentation that leads to waste in government and take advantage of cost-saving opportunities in the Federal government. In addition, it released a second report suggesting areas for […]

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Small Manufacturers Driving Job Creation, Economic Growth

Made in America is hot.  More than 400,000 manufacturing jobs have been created since the start of 2010 and there are currently about 229,000 job openings in the manufacturing sector, according to data from the Labor Department. America’s small manufacturers are a critical part of that. According to BLS and Census data, 98 percent of America’s […]

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Tax Fairness for Your Family

Take a minute to look at this new infographic showing just how many millionaires pay a lower tax rate than a typical middle-class family like Jennifer, David, and their kids Maggie and Henry. President Obama has proposed the “Buffett Rule” to close tax loopholes and make sure the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share. Check out the infographic and […]

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Rick Santorum Launches Attack on President Kennedy and the Framers’ Belief in a Right of Conscience

Once again former Senator Rick Santorum, one of the Republican front runners seeking the presidency, stepped outside the founding principles of the nation and told backers he wanted to replace them with his own extremist vision for the future of America. Santorum told a group of supporters that a speech made by President John F. […]

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February 26: News Roundup

50,000 Americans with pre-existing conditions get coverage thanks to health reform. There’s more at ThinkProgress. Democrat Bill McCamley to seek District 33 New Mexico House of Representatives seat of retiring Rep. Joni Gutierrez. There’s more at the Las Cruces Sun-News. Rick Santorum’s latest attack aimed at John F. Kennedy. There’s more at the Washington Post. […]

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Doña Ana County Democrats Turn Out to Celebrate and Elect Delegates

                    Doña Ana County Democrats turned out big to celebrate, network, and talk politics on Friday and Saturday, February 24 and 25 in Las Cruces for the Doña Ana Democrats Day Dinner and County Convention. Local Democrats were joined by state and local political leaders in […]

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