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Why Isn’t This Already Illegal?

Right now, members of Congress can make personal investment decisions based on confidential information they get in the course of regulating industries and doing their work. It’s kind of unbelievable that this isn’t already illegal. President Obama wants to make it illegal once and for all—no one should profit from inside information about the very […]

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Warren Buffett’s Secretary

Loopholes in the tax code mean that most millionaires pay a lower tax rate than the typical rate paid by middle-class families earning less than $100,000. That means Warren Buffett—a millionaire many times over who does not need and isn’t even asking for a tax break—pays a lower rate in taxes than his secretary. And […]

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January 31: News Roundup

Democratic Senators push “Buffett Rule.” There’s more at the New York Times. Senate votes to crack down on Congressional insider trading. There’s more at Politico. House Democrats unify behind President Obama. There’s more at The Hill. Congressional Democrats rally behind tax fairness. There’s more at the Los Angeles Times. Over 5.6 million Americans have moved […]

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Romney’s Extremism on Immigration is Taking a Toll in GOP

Why haven’t we seen former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, one of the most influential Republican voices in Florida, make an endorsement for the GOP presidential nomination? It may be because he recognizes that Mitt Romney is farther to the right on immigration than any of the other extreme Republican candidates. The New York Times reported […]

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Lilly Ledbetter: In her own words

Yesterday marked the three year anniversary since President Obama signed the historic fair pay legislation that bears her name. It was the first bill that President Obama signed into law. Lilly Ledbetter tells the story of why she stepped up to fight for equal pay for equal work. Watch the video to hear from the […]

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Equal pay for equal work: Three years of Lilly Ledbetter

Three years ago today, President Obama signed into law the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act. It was the first act he signed as president. In reflecting on the moment, he told the story of his grandmother and his mother, both hardworking women who faced glass ceilings as they tried to provide for their families […]

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Mitt Romney’s Medicare Lies

At Monday’s debate, and again on Thursday, Mitt Romney claimed Bain Capital never worked with any company that worked with the government—like Medicare or Medicaid. Even when asked directly by Newt Gingrich, Romney responded, “We didn’t do any work with the government. I didn’t have an office on K Street. I wasn`t a lobbyist. I […]

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Weekly Address: “President’s Blueprint Includes Renewal of American Values”

In his weekly address, President Obama discusses the blueprint he put forward this week in the State of the Union Address for creating an economy built to last.  After focusing on American manufacturing, American energy, and skills for American workers during each of the last three days, he used his weekly address to highlight his […]

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Mitt Romney vs. the truth

Why does Mitt Romney have such a problem being honest? From his so-called blind trusts to his “belief” in cutting taxes to whether or not he’d seen one of his campaign ads, last night’s debate was between Romney and the truth.

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