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President Obama: “This is Good News”

For weeks, President Barack Obama and Democrats have pressed Congress to come to an agreement to extend the payroll tax cut into 2012. This afternoon, that’s exactly what happened. This afternoon House Republicans agreed to extend the payroll tax cut, extend unemployment benefits, and restore Medicare payments. In a statement, the President praised the good […]

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What $40 Means to Americans Across the Country

When the Senate voted to extend the payroll tax cut over the weekend, the bill got support from 89 Senators. That doesn’t happen all that often — most ideas just aren’t that popular. So why can’t this one get a vote in the House of Representatives? President Barack Obama calls on Republican members of the House of Representatives to […]

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Health Reform: Great News for Seniors

As we near the end of 2011, there’s some great news about how the Affordable Care Act has helped seniors this year. By closing the Medicare “doughnut hole” for prescription drug coverage and offering free preventive care, millions of seniors have seen real savings on their health care. Watch the video above to see all […]

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December 22: News Roundup

A new study reveals that immigrants founded over half of the top U.S. start-up ventures. There’s more at ThinkProgress. Republican tax hike could do lasting damage to GOP. There’s more at the Washington Post. The do-nothing Congress blows out of town. There’s more at the Los Angeles Times. Tea Party Congressmen double-down on tax hike. […]

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Protecting American Families and the Environment from Mercury Pollution

President Barack Obama announced new standards Wednesday that will cut mercury emissions from oil and coal-fired power plants by 90 percent. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finalized the first-ever national standards to reduce mercury and other toxic air emissions – like arsenic, acid gas, and cyanide – from power plants, which are the largest sources […]

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