Archive | December 21, 2011

Editorial Roundup: On the Republican Tax Increase

With Republicans refusing to act, 160 million working Americans will see their taxes go up – $1,000 a year for the average family.  Additionally, 2.5 million Americans will no longer receive their unemployment insurance benefits. President Barack Obama and Democrats believe the only viable option to ensure millions of middle class families aren’t hit with a […]

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Mitt Romney’s Failure to Lead

In interviews this morning, Mitt Romney—who is rumored to be running for president—refused to weigh in on the House GOP’s payroll tax cut debacle, where they voted to raise taxes on 160 million American people five days before Christmas. At an appearance in New Hampshire this morning, Romney went so far as to say he […]

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What Has Congress Been Doing Instead?

Rather than acting to extend President Obama’s middle-class tax cut, House Republicans spent part of this week discussing whether or not to install a bust of Winston Churchill somewhere in the U.S. Capitol building. Which makes one wonder: what else has Congress been spending time doing instead of acting to help middle-class families? Here’s a […]

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President Obama on House Vote to Raise Taxes: “This is not a game”

After House Republicans voted down consideration of the Senate’s extension of the payroll tax bill, President Barack Obama urged the House not only to bring it up for a vote—but also to pass the bill. 160 million Americans are waiting for it. “The clock is ticking; time is running out. And if the House Republicans […]

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