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The American Jobs Act Invests in Our Students

Jay Chung, a Philadelphia music teacher, says that we need the American Jobs Act because it invests in our schools and our student’s futures. Chung is responsible for music classes at seven different schools in the Philadelphia school district. He travels from school to school, teaching percussion classes using plastic buckets from Home Depot, which […]

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Doña Ana County Awarded a Major Federal Sustainability Grant

Doña Ana County is one of 29 communities nationally to win a Federal Housing and Urban Development sustainability challenge grant, the Obama Administration announced on Tuesday. The $2 Million dollar grant will be administered by core partners in the County including New Mexico State University, the City of Las Cruces, the Colonias Development Council, and […]

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President Obama Talks About the Failure of Congress, Taxes, Jobs

With the failure of Congress to act responsibly, in 40 days, our taxes will go up — unless Congress steps in to change that. And speaking from New Hampshire yesterday, President Obama talked about that situation: “[Last] year, both parties came together to cut payroll taxes for the typical household by $1,000 this year. That’s […]

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Donna Brazile: “On foreign policy, Obama trounces GOP rivals”

Democratic National Committee vice chair Donna Brazile has an op-ed on slamming the Republican presidential candidates for “taking any position that will distance them from the president and allow them to sound tough”—regardless of whether their positions put them out of step with military leaders and nonpartisan national security efforts.”The lack of knowledge or […]

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