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New Mexico Receives $34 Million Grant to Create Health Care Marketplace

U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman announced yesterday that New Mexico has been awarded $34.2 million to help develop a health care marketplace, known as a health care “exchange.” The exchange is one of the key provisions of the health insurance reform law, which in 2014 will expand health care access to millions of Americans who currently […]

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November 29: News Roundup

Billionaire who compares taxes to a “Nazi invasion” signs on with Mitt Romney. There’s more at ThinkProgress. The Washington Post fact-checks the “tax-and-spend Democrats” mantra and other false claims of Republican guru Grover Norquist and gives “the Grover” three Pinocchios. There’s more at the Washington Post. Speaking of playing loose with the facts, the Washington […]

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Millions of Seniors Saving Money on Prescription Drugs, Thanks to the Affordable Care Act

Over the weekend, a report by the Associated Press detailed how the Affordable Care Act is dramatically reducing drug costs for seniors who hit the prescription drug coverage gap known as the donut hole. This year, seniors are benefiting from a 50 percent discount on brand-name drugs in the donut hole. And the discount and […]

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Mitt vs. Mitt: Which Mitt Romney is it Today?

Mitt Romney, unparalleled flip-flopper, has proved he is his own toughest opponent on the issues. The one thing Mitt and Mitt can agree on? That they want to be president—so Romney will say and do whatever it takes to get elected, no matter how contradictory. Watch and share the Democratic National Committee’s  new web video.

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November 28: News Roundup

Congressional House Democrats overtake Republicans in fundraising. There’s more at the Washington Post. Republican “supercommittee” co-chair Rep. Jeb Hensarling says the deal failed because Democrats refused to privatize Medicare. There’s more at ThinkProgress. With the failure of the so-called “supercommittee,” the do-nothing Congress returns to bickering over Medicare and Bush-era tax breaks. There’s more at […]

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Romney: Deceive America

Mitt Romney took his “by any means necessary” approach to running for president to an all-new low in his first ad of the 2012 campaign cycle, an intentionally false attack ad that takes words President Obama used in 2008 out of context. Romney’s dishonest and purposely deceptive ad was universally panned across cable and print […]

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What They’re Saying: Mitt Romney’s Ad is Dishonest, Deceitful

New York Daily News: “Mitt Romney’s greatest potential vulnerability, fair or fable, is the suspicion he’ll do or say anything to get himself elected President. Which is why his new ad in New Hampshire is such a boneheaded strategic move. It feeds that dangerous perception that has dogged Romney since the 2008 campaign. The new […]

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News Roundup: Terror Turkey Edition

Terrorist turkeys take to our shores, as a GOP extremist issues a red alert on Butterball, the turkey people. There’s more at New York Magazine. After Alabama arrests a Mercedes executive, Missouri moves to grab the German auto employer for St. Louis. “We’re the show-me state, not the show-me-your-papers state” says the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

From our friends and families to yours, the Democratic Party of Doña Ana County wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!

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November 24: News Roundup

Independent Source PAC calls for Federal investigation into possible Susana Martinez pay-to-play bid rigging in Racino contract. There’s more at Democracy for New Mexico. Reality Check: The Washington Post shows America’s growing income inequality in three charts. There’s more at the Washington Post. Mitt Romney tells voters “I’m not trying to put money in people’s […]

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