Archive | July 12, 2011

FACT CHECK: Republican Leader Paul Ryan Personally Profits from Medicare-Ending GOP Budget Plan

Representative Paul Ryan (WI-01) this week held a Facebook town hall where he whined against Washington special interests using the federal tax code for personal benefit, just weeks after a Newsweek investigation revealed Ryan stood to profit handsomely from provisions in his own budget that ends Medicare. According to Newsweek, Ryan and his wife are […]

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GOP Presidential Candidates Bachmann and Santorum Sign-on to Pledge that Praises Antebellum Slavery

GOP Presidential Candidates Michele Bachmann (R-MN), and Rick Santorum (R-PA) have signed onto a so-called marriage “pledge” whose Preamble and first bullet point praise the institution of chattel slavery “prior to 1860.” There’s more at

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