2012 Defeated GOP Nominee Mitt Romney in ABQ Thursday—Governor Martinez Needs More Money

Disgruntled GOP candidates Weh and Conrad James will join Governor at ‘meet and greet’ staged event

2012 defeated GOP nominee Mitt Romney jets into Albuquerque tomorrow to help Governor Martinez raise even moremoney for her next political office. Like Mitt Romney, Governor Martinez continues to show her contempt for poor and middle class New Mexicans by failing to create jobs, failing to solve the education crisis she promised to fix and now using Mr. Romney to solicit contributors at $2600+ per couple.

More money, more tax breaks for the rich and powerful and zero jobs for New Mexicans–that’s priority one for this Governor and New Mexico state Republicans.

Mitt Romney: “All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it.”

Allen Weh: “No minimum wage below the age of 26. ….So what if they make $4 an hour? So what?…”

Conrad James: Former Rep. James follows the standard GOP playbook that pushes working class men and women under a bus while always protecting the privileged few. James supports a plan that would make working New Mexico families pay more for gas and groceries while cutting taxes on the wealthy. Then he votes against protecting classroom spending, resulting in local districts increasing class sizes and a loss of 3,400 local education jobs across the state.

Meanwhile, today in New Mexico:

  • 50th in nation for well being of children
  • zero jobs created—state lost almost 6000 jobs within last year
  • 1st in nation for child hunger; 2nd for adults

Mitt Romney, Allen Weh and Conrad James. No plan, vision or idea to help working men and women and no interest or intention to do so.


Senator Udall to Tour Southern New Mexico to Talk About Key Issues Facing Voters This Campaign

Udall to discuss his work to continue standing up for NM by helping create jobs, supporting middle-class families and veterans in visit Socorro, Grant, Luna, Doña Ana, Chaves and Eddy counties

On Sunday, October 19, Tom Udall will begin a four-day tour of Southern New Mexico early next week, talking about his record of standing up to do what’s right for New Mexico families. Events will discuss Udall’s work to support job creation and economic development in Southern New Mexico, as well as his support for early child care and veterans. He will also rally with supporters and encourage Southern New Mexico voters to join tens of thousands of others across the state participating in early voting.

Among the issues Udall will discuss include the need to continue investments in the Santa Teresa Port of Entry. On Monday, he will visit OMEGA Trucking, a business in Sunland Park that has grown as a result of the port expansion. Udall will meet with business leaders to talk about his work to push for funding for roads and other transportation needs around the port.

On Tuesday, Udall will visit Sapphire Energy’s Research and Development facility in Las Cruces to talk about New Mexico’s leadership in energy development and the importance of continuing to invest in energy research to create jobs.

Weekly Address: What You Need To Know About Ebola

In this week’s address, the President discussed what the United States is doing to respond to Ebola, both here at home and abroad, and the key facts Americans need to know. There is no country better prepared to confront the challenge Ebola poses than the U.S. and although even one case here at home is too many, the country is not facing an outbreak of the disease. Our medical professionals tell us Ebola is difficult to catch, and is only transmitted through direct contact with the bodily fluids of someone who is showing symptoms.

The President made clear that he and his entire Administration will continue to do everything possible to prevent further transmission of the disease domestically, and to contain and end the Ebola epidemic at its source in West Africa.

Watch and share President Obama’s weekly address.

Senator Udall’s New Campaign Ad Highlights Udall’s Work to Keep Social Security and Medicare Strong

Allen Weh backs a plan that would cut Social Security and Medicare to give tax breaks to millionaires and CEOs like himself 

The Udall campaign’s newest ad introduces Bruce Barnaby, a local Korean War veteran, discussing why he is supporting Senator Tom Udall over Allen Weh. Udall is working to protect Social Security and Medicare, Barnaby says, while Weh supports cuts to pay for tax breaks for millionaires and CEOs.

“My Korean War buddies and I appreciate this young fella, Tom Udall, for protecting Social Security and Medicare. Allen Weh would cut Social Security and Medicare to pay for tax breaks for millionaires like himself,” Barnaby says in the ad.

Then, standing with other veterans looking at an old fighter plane, he continues: “You can guess that doesn’t fly around here.”

Udall Campaign Manager Daniel Sena added: “Tom Udall knows that we made a solemn promise to ensure Social Security and Medicare will be there for our seniors, who paid into those programs their whole working lives. He has been working to protect Social Security and Medicare, and he’ll stand up to anyone to keep those programs strong for today’s seniors and the generations after them.

“Allen Weh supports a flat tax and a budget strategy that experts say would ‘throw the country into a recession’ and double costs to seniors while forcing deep cuts that would ‘end Medicare as we know it.’ Bruce Barnaby puts it well: that doesn’t fly in New Mexico. Allen Weh is just way wrong for New Mexico seniors and families.”

Watch the new television ad HERE.

Senator Tom Udall is on the air with a new radio ad

Senator Tom Udall is on the air with a new radio ad.


Click to hear it here.

U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich to Visit Mountainview Market in Las Cruces

Call for National Minimum Wage Increase

U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) will visit the Mountainview Market in Las Cruces on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 11:30 a.m. to talk about the growing income inequality in America and the importance of raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 for all workers.

“Tackling income inequality will strengthen New Mexico families,” said Sen. Heinrich. “I’m glad to see Las Cruces taking the initiative on raising the minimum wage. It’s time to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour for all workers across the country.”

During his visit to Mountainview Market, which pays their employees above the current minimum wage, Senator Heinrich will be joined by local business owners and workers, along with NM Comunidades en Accion y de Fe (CAFé), a local multi-faith, multi-cultural organization dedicated to improving quality of life in Southern New Mexico, including raising the minimum wage in Las Cruces.

Senator Heinrich is a co-sponsor of the Fair Minimum Wage Act, which would raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 over three years and index future increases to inflation. It would help lift families out of poverty, reduce reliance on safety net programs, and give more than 27 million working Americans a raise.

More than 147,000 New Mexicans would benefit from raising the minimum wage to $10.10, and 43,000 more earners would see their pay increase as overall wages improve, dramatically increasing economic opportunities for hardworking people, including 87,000 parents. Nearly 2 out of 3 low-wage earners are women and over half, 55% or roughly 83,000 women, will benefit from improved wages. Moreover raising the minimum wage in New Mexico would put roughly $201 million dollars in people’s pockets to spend in the local economy. In Las Cruces, improved wages would boost the pay of 18,000 workers whose lives will improve by the city’s new law to raise the wage to $10.10 by 2017, including increased tipped wages.

Weekly Address: America Is a Place Where Hard Work Should Be Rewarded

In this week’s address, the President made the case for why it’s past time to raise the minimum wage. Increasing the national minimum wage to $10.10 an hour would benefit 28 million Americans, and make our economy stronger. While Republicans in Congress have blocked this commonsense proposal, a large and growing coalition of state and local leaders and owners of businesses large and small have answered the President’s call and raised wages for their residents and employees.

This progress is important, but there is more that can be done. No American who works full time should have to raise a family in poverty. That’s why the President will continue to push Congress to take action and give America its well-deserved raise.

VIDEO MENSAJE DE LA CASA BLANCA: Los Trabajadores Merecen un Aumento del Salario Mínimo

En el mensaje de esta semana, el Secretario del Trabajo Thomas Pérez habló sobre por qué es hora de dar un aumento al salario mínimo. El aumento del salario mínimo federal a $10.10 por hora beneficiaría a 28 millones de trabajadores que viven en Estados Unidos, y fortalecería a nuestra economía. Mientras que los Republicanos en el Congreso han bloqueado esta propuesta de sentido común, una coalición grande y creciente de líderes y dueños de negocios grandes y pequeños han respondido al llamado del Presidente y han aumentado los salarios para sus residentes y empleados estatales y locales. Este avance es importante, pero hay más que se puede hacer. Ningún trabajador que trabaja a tiempo completo debe tener que criar una familia en la pobreza. Es por eso que el Presidente seguirá presionando al Congreso a tomar medidas y a dar Estados Unidos su aumento bien merecido.

English/Inglís: Watch and share President Obama’s weekly address.

En Español: Video mensaje de la Casa Blanca.

Gary King’s Plan to Boost New Mexico’s Economy

NM Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gary King has unveiled his plan to bring the state out of the economic black hole that his opponent helped to create.

“Stimulating economic growth and creating environmentally clean, well paying jobs for our families and the next generation is something Susana Martinez has failed to do,” charges Gary King “That’s why New Mexico is in last place in the Nation for job growth and one of the highest in unemployment. Too many of our best and brightest are leaving New Mexico to find work.”

King formally unveiled his blueprint for repairing what Martinez has broken at a special Women for King/Haaland event at the Pure Radiance Salon Small Business Platform in Albuquerque.

As Governor he will: create objective criterion to invest in local business opportunities so that we are smarter about investments and create more jobs; encourage an entrepreneurial culture by linking high school and university curricula to skills needed to start small businesses; facilitate exports by educating and helping New Mexico business owners to understand how to take advantage of federal programs focused on expanding exports to our major trading partners in the world; and increase the minimum wage to reduce corporate welfare and to ensure a livable wage for those who want to work.

The full economic plan is attached here.

DLCC Announces ‘Races to Watch,’ Including Joanne Ferrary’s Contest in NM District 37

Today, the national Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) announced its 2014 Races to Watch. The 69 state legislative races chosen represent targeted districts critical to Democratic majorities in 24 state legislatures across the United States.

The full list can be found here.

“With great candidate recruitment and a big emphasis on our field efforts, Democrats are in a great position to make strong gains in chambers across the country,” said Michael Sargeant, Executive Director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. “As extreme Republican legislatures continue taking aim at women’s health, working families, immigrants, and equal rights, we have real opportunities to win new majorities this election cycle.”

The DLCC’s 2014 Races to Watch spotlights candidates who represent national trends and whose diversity and personal stories embody the promise of the American dream. The selection criteria for individual races are based on different factors such as:

Potential for Democrats to “flip” statehouse chambers to Democratic majorities;

Implications for Advantage 2020, a major DLCC initiative that will help Democrats win elections and level the playing field in order to be successful in the next round of redistricting;

Examples of the power of the Grassroots Victory Program (GVP), the DLCC’s field program that helps ensure that the advantage Democrats enjoy at the national level is replicated at the state level.

In 2012, Democrats won eight new majorities and netted nearly 200 legislative seats nationwide. Building upon this success, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee recently launched Advantage 2020, a $70 million program to target state legislative races across the country over the next four election cycles, based on an analysis of current electoral opportunities as well as demographic shifts over the next decade.

The states included in the 2014 Races to Watch include Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Early Voting Begins Today — Tuesday, October 7 — Last Day to Register to Vote

Absentee Voting Begins

Last day to register to vote or make changes to an existing voter registration prior to the general election

First day a voter can vote in person at the Doña Ana County Government Center, 845 N. Motel Blvd., Las Cruces


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